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Twitter soon to charge $20 per month for Blue Tick

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Elon Musk, the king of controversies, reportedly came up with a new idea of charging users $20 per month as subscription fees for maintaining their Twitter Verification Status after becoming the new owner. As per the latest The Verge report, Elon gave the deadline of 7th November to implement and introduce these recent paid verification changes on the platform, or he will start firing them afterward.

Currently, the Twitter Blue subscription charges users a $4.99 monthly subscription fee with unique subscriber-only perks like editing tweets to fix typos within a 30-minute window of posting them or ad-free access to the top news/content sites. Now, Elon Musk wants to increase the subscription fees to $19.99 per month- making it the only way to retain the verified user status.

The already verified users on Twitter (with no charges) now have 90-days to subscribe to the new $20/month subscription plan to maintain their verification status, according to the report, or else their verification will be revoked.

Until now, Elon Musk has not directly commented on this improvised reported plan; however, in his recent tweet on Sunday, he mentioned revamping the Twitter verification process.

According to the current Twitter verification requirements, one’s account should be authentic, active, and notable so that other users can know that the information provided by that account is genuine and authentic.

Since his short announcement of buying Twitter in April, Musk made it clear several times that he has several new plans to revamp the platform, its verification process, and ways to boost the revenue. According to him, the blue verification symbol on the Twitter account is a status symbol for people; thus, they should pay for it.

On 3rd May, he also tweeted and suggested that Twitter must charge a slight cost for government/commercial users while it should always be free for casual users. It seems like the new expensive Twitter verification subscription is just a start towards his revamp plans as he reportedly wants to bring back Vine- the short-form video app shut back in 2016.

As per the New York Times report, he wants to boost the subscriptions to half of the company’s revenue and grow its user base to 900 million users in the next five years. So, we all can expect a few more shocking decisions by the new Twitter owner in the upcoming weeks or months.

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