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Tumblr app suddenly disappears from Apple’s App Store

Tumblr app suddenly disappears from Apple's App Store
Tumblr app suddenly disappears from Apple's App Store

Tumblr’s app for iOS has inexplicably vanished from the App Store this weekend. While specifics of the elimination are uncertain now, Tumblr says it’s exploring”problems with the iOS app” and will continue to provide upgrades.

The problems for Tumblr appear to have begun earlier this past week. PiunikaWeb seen that consumers couldn’t track down the app while the iOS parental control features were empowered. Soon afterward, the app seemed to evaporate from the App Store for everybody.

Tumblr supplied its initial update concerning the problem on Friday day and most recently upgraded users on Saturday evening.

Initial statement:

We are working to solve a problem with the iOS app and expect to be fully operational again shortly. We really appreciate your patience as we all figure out this, and we’ll update this article once we have information to discuss.

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Updated announcement:

Thank you for checking with us. We are working on the matter using the iOS app. We’ll allow you to understand right here the moment what is fixed.

Some users that have downloaded the Tumblr app for iOS report they can install it by heading into their purchases tab at the App Store. This, naturally, does not help those users that want to download it to the very first time.

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The matter is probably tied to the improper content segment of this App Store Guidelines. We have seen Apple unexpectedly pull different apps from the App Store for these offenses, most lately such as the Telegram app . In the majority of cases, Apple works together with the developers to upgrade their apps, removing such a content.


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