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Telegram Disclosed Users’ Data Accused of Copyright Violation Lawsuit

Following the court order, Telegram has shared the data, including administration names, IP addresses and contact details of accused users of copyright infringement in India. It is a notable example indicating that the users’ data stored by the instant messaging platforms can be disclosed in court when required.

These users are accused of unauthorized sharing of the course material prepared by the plaintiff teacher Neetu Singh for an educational institute, Campus Private Limited.

Neetu accused the app of allowing the re-selling of her study material at low prices without her permission. Therefore, Telegram was forced by the court to disclose the users’ data involved in the whole scam by adhering to Indian law.

While Telegram argued with the court that disclosing such information would violate its privacy policy as per Singapore data laws where its servers are located to store the data, the Indian court rejected its plea by saying that it would be an injustice to the copyright owners against the actual infringers, just because the app has its data storage servers outside the country.

As per the Official Court statement,

“Let copy of the said data be supplied to Id. Counsel for plaintiffs with the clear direction that neither the plaintiffs nor their counsel shall disclose the said data to any third party, except for the purposes of the present proceedings. To this end, disclosure to the governmental authorities/police is permissible”.

On the other hand, Telegram’s spokesperson Remi Vaughn said in its official statement that the app stores no or very limited data of users under its privacy policies. This data cannot be accessed in most scenarios without specific entry points. Believing that this was the case here, the company is not yet in a position to ensure that any data has been shared in this situation.

India has become one of the biggest and most popular markets for Telegram, amassing over 150 million users in the South Asian market. To maintain its reputation in the International and Indian market, Telegram must take preventive measures against its piracy problem.

A large number of telegram channels online indulged in reselling pirated content, movies or third-party resources at discounted prices or for free illegally. All such channels are accessed by hundreds to thousands of users regularly, which can again bring Telegram into such copyright infringement lawsuits in the future if no preventive measures are taken by the platform now.


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