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Sweet Escape connects travelers to Photographers for capturing best moments

Sweet Escape connects travelers to Photographers for capturing best moments
Sweet Escape connects travelers to Photographers for capturing best moments

The growth of smartphone and social websites in the last several years has fuelled a new amount of sharing and telling memories with photographs, however one startup is betting that people are ready to go another level and invest money to hire professional photographers to produce their photos better.

Focused on traveling, Sweet Escape is a Indonesia-based startup this to utilize over 2,000 photographers around over 400 cities in some 100 nations. The notion is straightforward. If you are traveling — locally or overseas — and need top quality photographs of your journey, or simply part of it, then you may utilize Sweet Escape to locate and reserve a neighborhood snapper for you and your collection.

Photo shoots for 2 hours and are billed at $300,” Sweet Escape creator David Soong told TechCrunch in a interview, while tasks differ from regular vacation pops, to weddings and honeymoons, tips, anniversaries, household get-togethers, graduations and much more. While he did not disclose earnings, Soong said the three-year-old firm has seen its revenue grow by 8X throughout the previous year.

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Sweet Escape has increased $1 million thus far, such as a current seed around in August. Now it’s aiming to boost its own Series A to expand its international attention, beginning with more offices in Southeast Asia, and proceed beyond traveling clients.

Although the idea of forking out $500 for photographs does not instantly appeal to me personally — the supreme social networking humbug — it is not difficult to envision that a large market of travelers are available to it. Especially when that price is shared along with a bunch along with also the photographs are much higher quality than your normal camera or selfie stick-mounted phone.

Already, Sweet Escape claims to have functioned 10,000 clients. It motivates users to reserve beforehand but in addition, it supplies last-minute fitting for photographers, all of whom are closely vetted, together with the photographs themselves returned within 3 days. That is a guess that Soong stated will fall to 24 hours a year ago as a result of Sweet Escape’s in-house staff, which manages all editing for those photographers.

But traveling is simply the beginning point for Sweet Escape.

“Behavior has shifted radically in the past ten decades,” Soong said. “We’re private but social websites has altered the way that people share — today, if you do not have an image of this trip then it is not real. But photographs are an investment”

“More and more people are booking us for events like birthdays, holidays, graduations and other occasions, and we progressively see more use cases than we initially envisaged. The traveling angle lets us scale much quicker — if you take a look at Airbnb, you need to go worldwide right off — but after we’ve got a fantastic quantity of use in a town, we could go deeper,” additional COO and co-founder Emile Etienne.

Soong and his group of 70 are mostly in Jakarta with a few employees situated in the Philippines, but he’s intending to enlarge the on-the-ground existence in travel areas in Southeast Asia. That is very likely to include Singapore, Thailand and outside, even though the company is not just within Asia — Sweet Escape currently has a community of photographers covering 40 cities at the U.S.. The concept is to help increase awareness of the service among photographers and consumers and research more local services which the platform could sponsor.

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For photographers, Sweet Escape appears to be appealing since it can help eliminate the toil of needing to attract clients in. Those for whom photography is a part time hobby, particularly, can construct it in and about their functioning and everyday lives, Soong argued. Beyond taking quality photographs — all photographers supply samples for evaluation to combine the stage — Soong said that prospective Sweet Escape snappers will need to be aware of their town, be proud of it and equipped to host guests that visit.

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