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Moment launches new 58mm telephoto lens for smartphone cameras

Moment launches new 58mm telephoto lens for smartphone cameras
Moment launches new 58mm telephoto lens for smartphone cameras

Moment is declaring a refreshed telephoto lens for $99, made to shoot much better photographs on the iPhone XS, XR, and Pixel 3. You might even join the 58mm zoom lens for some Galaxy, iPhone, or Pixel telephone to receive those up-close outcomes.

The telephone photography firm includes some of the most effective mobile lenses you’ll be able to find, and are releasing this lens for a followup to their very first tele lens. The newest lens’s advantages include a sharper, brighter picture with 2x zoom (100mm zoom lens equivalent) and 4x zoom modes (200mm zoom lens equivalent ) inside the Moment camera app, despite the briefer 58mm focal length when compared with 60mm on the initial tele lens. Additionally, there’s been a $10 price increase within the last-gen lens.

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This telephoto lens can also be designed to be lightweight at 73.1 g; after all, you do not need too thick of a lens onto your mobile phone. In the single and double lens manners, you can get 2x to 4x crop-in zoom, together with functionality like an optical lens as if you’d watch on a DSLR or even mirrorless camera.

Moment is so conscious of Google and Apple’s topic photography characteristics, therefore this brand new 58mm lens is also designed to comprise optimizations for the iPhone XR and Google Pixel 3’s portrait styles for an improved bokeh impact and extra sharpness.

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As for me, I find the zoom lens in the iPhone XS along with also the computational zoom of my own Pixel 3 XL to be sufficient for many situations. However, I am curious to see exactly how sharp and comprehensive the zoomed-in picture from Moment’s brand new lens may be.


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