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Google Brings “Continuous Scrolling” Feature for Search on Desktops

Google Continuous Scrolling on Desktop search

On Tuesday, Google announced that it is introducing the Continuous Scrolling feature for Desktop search results in the US. This feature will help users to look for more search results for English-language queries just by scrolling the Google search webpage.

Currently, Google displays desktop search results page-wise, where users have to click on the next page to see more results. However, after this update in the US, the users residing there will be able to see more results by scrolling the web page instead of moving to the next page.

But to keep in mind that this feature is not coming with infinite scrolling. On the desktop, the feature will show results of up to six pages by scrolling down and then the More option to search for further results. On Mobile devices, it will show results of up to four pages in a single scroll.

As per the Product Manager at Google Ads, Mohamed Farid, the new Continuous Scrolling feature will not affect the working of ad auction or its rank calculation. However, there might be some changes in the metrics. Now, Google will redistribute the ads between the top and bottom search queries. Fewer text ads will appear at the bottom of the page, while more ads can be seen on the top of the second page and beyond.

This feature can be extremely useful for site owners by offering better visibility to those unable to rank easily on the first page. Usually, people prefer to consume the search results on the first page and avoid going to the second or further pages. But with this scrolling feature, more sites’ content will be available on the same search page for better visibility and traffic. While some people are happy with this latest development, others are showing disagreement.

Before Google, many other apps and websites adopted this continuous scrolling feature to offer more information to readers with less effort. Currently, Google is testing this feature for the US only, but soon it can be expected to launch globally.

The thought of launching this feature for desktop results came after users started complaining about the degrading quality of Google Search results. So, to enhance the search visual experience with more information, the company has introduced this feature. 

Google keeps working to make the search result experience more informative and better for users. That is why in September, the company rolled out an update featuring Quora and Reddit results for particular queries under the “Discussions and Forums” section.

Along with introducing many mobile-first design features, the company is continuously working to enhance the desktop search result experience. For quite some time, the company has been testing widget-style cards to offer useful information & updates about stocks and weather at a glance.


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