Few Legal Weed Growers have Shutdown due to Pesticides

At a buzz-killing move, the firm Triple M — that cultivates medical bud around Plymouth — utilized unapproved compounds that may sicken smokers, Department of Public Health officials told The Boston Globe.

The company was forced to quit selling marijuana at local dispensaries Thursday since it,”might pose an immediate or serious hazard to the general public health, welfare or safety,” DPH officials explained, according to the newspaper. The used led grow lights for weeds to grow them.

Triple M has been staged using a”cease-and-desist and quarantine” and compelled to”suspend the sale of medical marijuana goods” while officials investigate, a spokeswoman said. However, the firm fired back, claiming it used a natural pesticide derived from chrysanthemum blossoms that have been approved to be used in other weed-legal nations.

“The organic pesticides which Triple M used are approved in all 50 States for developing creativity in addition to for use on cannabis in Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Colorado, Illinois, and Ohio,” the company said in a statement.

“Triple M just employed the pesticides throughout the first phases of farming, not about the blossom buds and stopped using the pesticides on crops at September 2018,” the company stated. Triple M would be the 2nd medical marijuana firm to be shut down on pesticides in Massachusetts. In September, Great Chemistry in Bellingham was shuttered.

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