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Details of 170K Pakistani Debit Cards leaked on Dard Web

Details of 170K Pakistani Debit Cards leaked on Dard Web
Details of 170K Pakistani Debit Cards leaked on Dard Web

Last week, we reported that almost 20,000 Pakistani debit cards were set up for sale on the dark web. Now, cybersecurity company Group-IB has discovered that before this week, a fresh ditch of whooping 177,878 seemed on the dark web.

The analysis mentioned that the new ditch seemed on the shadowy site Joker Stash on November 13. By the entire amount of cards, there have been 150,632 cards of Pakistani banks, 16,227 cards of different areas’ banks, and 11,019 cards of banks that are foreign.

The report further notes cards issued by Habib Bank accounted for almost 20 percent of their ditch.

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“Card dumps are often obtained by using skimming devices and via Trojans infecting workstations linked to POS terminals. The huge portion of card information is sold in technical card stores, for example Joker’s Stash.” Stated Dmitry Shestakov, Head of Group-IB Cybercrime research unit. “Group-IB Threat Intelligence continuously finds and diagnoses data uploaded to card stores all around the world.”

He added that the ditch was not mentioned anywhere sooner on shadowy net forums or card stores.

Group-IB notes which the estimated price of this ditch is $19.9 million. The purchase price for the cards has been everywhere between $17 to $160.

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This new episode points to glaring holes in Pakistani banks’ safety systems. They’ll have to research and choose the ideal steps to guarantee security for their clients.


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