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Android’s Latest Update Offers Reading Mode and Digital Car Key Sharing Features

In its latest update bundle, Android brings a lot of Quality-of-Life features and Accessibility tools for digital Car keys, WatchOS and Google TV. The Reading Mode and Digital Car Key Sharing buttons are two of the most exciting and prominent features among them.

The latest Reading Mode feature on Android is extremely useful and convenient for readers as it improves the screen reading experience by eliminating the need to be tied to a particular app. It has various adjustable display and audio options to let users customize the font size, color, brightness, and contrast per their needs. Also, the text-to-speech feature works with speed control functionality. 

It also has a wide range of “natural-sounding voices” to choose from in languages like English, Spanish, Italian, French, etc. The Google Talkback Screen Reader also supports this latest reading mode to use across various websites and native apps.

Talking about the digital car key-sharing feature, it is really helpful for vehicle owners allowing them to unlock, lock or start any compatible car just by using their phone. These digital car keys are currently supported in Google Pixel 6 and iPhones but will soon be launched for Android 12+ devices.

The users can also share digital car keys with trusted individuals on their devices. Also, they can see & manage the list of users having access to their digital keys in their digital wallet phone app. They can also restrict the usage of digital car keys using a single master key holder option. The key lets iPhone users unlock their car in a similar manner as they make contactless payments through Apple Pay.

For Google TV, the new update brings a feature called Tap to Watch. This feature allows direct casting to any compatible TV from the GoogleTV app through a single tap. Also, users can convert their smartphones into TV remotes through the latest update when browsing other apps. The feature has yet to be launched but will be available next week on GoogleTV.

In addition, the WatchOS will also get the latest update of the Google Keep app later this month. This update will allow users to carry their pictures, co-authors, background colors etc., from notes to their smartphones which can be accessed on their smart watches. 

As per the latest announcement, the WatchOS will also get the latest feature by next week, where users can access over 30 running exercises on the Adidas Running app via Google Assistant. Just by saying, “Hey Google, Start a Run with Adidas Running,” it will automatically start tracking the entire workout of the user.


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