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Android Auto Sneakingly Forcing Updates to Cut Off Support for Older Phones

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Android Auto has been a must-have feature for car buyers for quite a few years, but by forcing the latest updates, Google is planning to restrict/reduce the older devices using it. Over the past few weeks, several users of the older versions of the Android Auto app have received a pop-up notification asking for a forced update to continue using the app.

The notification appears to occur among Android Auto versions 7.0 to 7.7. Also, earlier this year, Google quietly confirmed the fact that to access Android Auto, users would require the connected smartphones to run on at least Oreo (Android 8.0) or above. And this forced update seems to be a step ahead in this direction.

According to users’ complaints on Reddit, the pop-up notification won’t go unless they update their app to the latest version. Not only this, but it also blocks the platform from launching while used on car screens, leaving them with no choice but to update to the latest version.

As a result, users having older smartphones with Android version 6.0 or 7.0 are not able to use the Android Auto app as the last compatible version for their phone was Android Auto 7.4. Another issue faced by several users is that they are forced into a buggy release through the update. Some users even face a blank screen while using the Android Auto app after this new update.

With this new forced update, the company is probably trying to make room for plenty of upcoming features and a Coolwalk – a significant redesign that can come anytime soon. Android Auto has always been the top choice for car buyers as it gives them a seamless infotainment experience. That is why many buyers even reject the otherwise excellent car if there is a lack of support for Android Auto and Apple Car play.

To maintain its position and craze among users, the app needs to keep evolving and transforming with new & advanced features

While the issues caused by this new update in the older versions of smartphones are significant and worth talking about, realistically, they appear not to be a major problem for a wide variety of Auto Android users. This is because many of its users are already using the latest version of smartphones (Android 8.0 or above). Only 15% of its total distribution comprises users using Android 7.0 or above versions.


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