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Android 13 launched for TV, and it has some exciting features!

Until some time back, we would all eagerly wait for the latest Android OS update on our mobile phones. However, in today’s world, the internet has become an integral part of our TVs as well. Most of our TVs are becoming smart TVs and the majority of them are powered by Google OS Android. So in a move to make your TV experience better, the latest update Android 13 OS brings a host of features for you.

Android 13, also known as Tiramisu, brings several UI improvements, performance optimizations, and options for customization as well. This makes it convenient for users to set up their TV set according to their preferences. Google has announced that all TV sets operating on Android 12 should soon get an update.

This update works towards improving your audio experience through smart identification of routed devices. Be it your gaming or watching, it will definitely add up to your experience by creating suitable audio tracks. If you like bigger screens, you are going to love them now with this update.

A lot of customization features have been made available on Android 13, however, your hardware also needs to support these. Now you get the option to control the refresh rate and resolution through your HDMI source.

What’s more, this update helps your device consume less power, especially when on standby mode. In addition, you’ll see changes in the microphone access, muting, and most of all in your keyboard layout. A lot more languages will now be supported through this revamped keyboard. The only catch is that some TV sets might have outdated hardware that might not support some of these features.

All these changes and many more are quite exciting, though they have been made available only to developers as of now. This becomes very important to test out these features especially since some of them are reliant on the hardware. Nevertheless, the company clarified that manufacturers will soon update their systems and push out Android 13 to all their devices within the coming days.

You might have already got Android 13 on your phone, so are you excited to get it on your TV as well? Though you might still have to wait for a few more days, Google promises their Tiramisu will be quite a treat for all the users.


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